Project Description


Old ancient kingdoms hidden away among the highest peaks in the world. Harsh winters and remote settlements in the mountains have kept the cultures relatively untouched for decades. Now that is changing rapidly. Here you can still find remarkably traditional dresses and customs.

The Brokpa community claim to be of pure Aryan race and myth has it that they trace their genetic history to the members of the Alexander’s army which stayed back and nestled in four villages of Ladakh. The Brokpa community has rather successfully been able to keep its gene pool intact, using strong social sanctions and rules. Marriage is only allowed within the tribe.

Ladakh ‘land of the high passes’ renowned for its remote mountain beauty and culture. The Ladakhi and their distinct headwear ‘the Perak’ in the form of a blue cobra protecting and guiding them through the dangers of the human world.

The Apatani leader decided that the most beautiful woman should have large circular nose plugs placed into the sides of their nose as well as dark tattoos on to the faces of the women. Both practices were deliberately designed to try and make the women’s faces look less beautiful in the hope that raiders would take one look and decide not to steal the Apatani women. Each time the tribe was attacked, their women would be kidnapped and never seen again.